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Garden, Nijmegen, 1990
photo, Jaap de Graaf


INTERIORS 1980-1990; Interieurs, 35 werken in 'Eyelevel view', op ooghoogte, zie clip 'Negativeland' onder Films. De Camera Obscura van Anthonie van Leeuwenhoek en de Interieurs van Vermeer inspireerde tot vertalingen in schilderijen van 1:1 en van boven af gezien.

1980-1990 AFTER VERMEER, 200x200cm, oil on canvas

The Letter

Girl at the Harpsichord

The Generous Offer

The Drinking Couple

The Officier

The Allegorie 2

The Singing Lesson

The Love Letter

The Pearl Evaluator

The Pearl Necklace

The Milkmaid

The Geographer 2

The Astrologer

Letter writer with the Maid

The Musician

Viola Da Gamba and Lady at the Harpsichord

the Allegorie

Gentelman and Lady at the Harpsichord

The Okest

The Concert

Dark Chamber

The Green Room

The Red Room

1987 AFTER VERMEER AND TERBORCH, 100x100cm, 50x50cm, oil on canvas
The Glass of Wine


The Glass


The Allegorie 3

The Letter 2


Sleeping Girl

The Visit


The Arranger

The Visit


The Girlfriends

The Chello Player


The Luit Player

The Apple Pealer


The Lace Sewer 30x30


The Pearl Earrings 30x30


Young Woman 30x30


1981 INTERIORS, 200x200cm, oil on canvas




The Player

The Open Hearth

1992 THE FOUR ROOMS (QUADRANTS), 200x200cm, oil on canvas

The Purple Room

The Old Room

The Blue Room

The Brown Room

2002 TOKYO, NARA, COBE, KYOTO, 60x60cm, oil on canvas
Tokio, Asakasa


Nara, Japan


Cobe, Japan


Kioto, Japan


1984 GRAND PIANO, 200x300cm, oil on canvas

Grand Piano 200x300cm

1984 NIJMEGEN, 200x180cm, oil on canvas

The Envious Mother

The Departure

Fathers House 2

Fathers House 1

2021 DE VIER SEIZOENEN, Arti’s Villa Belmonte, Drenthe 60x80cm, oil on canvas








1985 FOREST VIEWS, 80x100cm, oil on canvas
The Forest of the Ladies Bouwens 1


The Forest of the Ladies Bouwens 2


The Forest of the Ladies Bouwens 3


The Forest of the Ladies Bouwens 4


Tree 1, 155x65cm


Tree 2, 155x65cm


Tree 3, 155x65cm


Tree 4, 155x65cm


Berg en Dal 1, diameter 60cm


Berg en Dal 2, 60x60cm


Ooy 2, 60x60cm


Berg en Dal 3, 80x60cm


Berg en Dal 4, 80x60cm


Ooy1, 60x60cm


Berg en Dal 5, 80x60cm


Berg en Dal 6, 80x60cm


Berg en Dal 7 , 80x60cm

Birds Concert, 160x110cm


1996, THE WORLD REVISED, Het Dijkstoelhuis, Wageningen
Hoge Veluwe,
(the Netherlands)






Folk Costumes


Roosendaal Castle, The Follies 1


Roosendaal Castle, The Follies 2


1994 STILL LIFE, oil on canvas
Old Gold, 30x30cm


Pumps, 30x40cm


1994 INTERIORS, 25x40cm, oil on canvas
Elna Sewing-Machine


Elna Sewing-Machine


Elna Sewing-Machine


Elna Sewing-Machine


1994 STILL-LIFE, 50x50cm, oil on canvas
Still-Life with Apples


Still-Life with Citrus


Still-Life with two Mandarins


Still-Life with two Apples


Still-Life with Grapes


Still-Life with Lilies


2004 INTERIORS, oil on canvas

The Unmade Bed 1

Flower Auction at Rijnsburg 1


Flower Auction at Rijnsburg 2


Flower Auction at Rijnsburg 3


Flower Auction at Rijnsburg 4


Flower Auction at Rijnsburg 5


Flower Auction at Rijnsburg 6


Flower Auction at Rijnsburg 7


Flower Auction at Rijnsburg 8


The Unmade Bed 2

The Lower House

The Drawing-Room

The Unmade Bed 3

1981 BERG EN DAL, oil on canvas

The Passant in my House

The Player in my House

The Infiltrant on my Couch

The Clown in my Walk-in Closet

R. O'Brien, 1980


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